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...... 2009年01月26日 の日記 ......
■ our family car   [ NO. 2009012601-1 ]

Masaki and I decided to give up our private car, because the car itself is very old and we actually don't need a car as we are living next to the train station now.


As the car is over 12 years old, we have to have it inspected at a garage every year, and the cost is around 120000-170000yen (depending on the size of the car, etc.)including the tax.

We are paying more than 30000yen/month for the parking.


Anyway, we are giving up our car early next month(right before the deadline for hte next inspection), but  today, somehow the engine didn't start and we had to have someone come over to fix it from the automobile insurance company.

We were worried because if the engine was completely dead, we will have to pay some extra expense for it.

But after all, the engine came alive again : )


The car is already too old to sell, so we are just giving it up with some expense to put it out of service.



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